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Commercial Equipment Movers in Florida

Moving heavy-duty tools, medical equipment, and other items from your plant to a building is easier said than done, unless you rely on the industrial equipment moving team from Precision Rigging & Contracting Company. Located in Tampa, Florida, our company offers convenient forklift services to move equipment to and from plants, buildings, factories, and job sites.
Machine Tools:
• CNCs
• Bridgeports
• Lathes
• Press Brakes
• Mills of All Sizes
Medical Equipment:
• MRI, CT, & PET Scanners
• X-Ray Machines
• Catheterization Labs
Machine Tools:
• Generators
• Transformers
• Switchgear & More
medical equipment movers Florida / commercial equipment movers Florida
Heavy-Duty Electronics:
• Wave Solders
• Board Population Devices
Mechanical Equipment:
• Chillers
• Air Handlers
• Cooling Towers
• Conveyor Systems
• Boilers
Plastic Supplies:
• Injection Molders
• Die Change outs & in Service Machines
• Blow Molders
Commercial Laundry Equipment:
• Oversized Washers & Dryers
• Dry-Cleaning Machines
Printing & Crating Equipment:
• Printing Presses of All Sizes
• Crating & Block-n-Braces for Overseas Container Shipments
Contact us to save on industrial equipment moving with our dependable services.